[Slideshare] HR + Technology: A Love Story

HR + Technology: A Love StoryLike all great love stories, the relationship between HR and technology started out rocky–a roller coaster affair that’s still getting warmed up. But by now, we all know HR and technology were meant to be together–they’ve pushed through the hard times and are ready for the best year yet.

We asked six experts in the HR industry, including China Gorman, Steve Boese, Laurie Ruettiman, and more, to weigh in on the budding romance between HR and technology. Where has it been, why now, and most importantly, where is it going? Our latest Slideshare has the answers, including actionable insights you can use to help HR embrace the benefits of technology and leverage simple, easy-to-use tools that contributes to the success of your company. Check out HR + Technology: A Love Story, below. Want to learn more about the latest HR trends? Download Trends in HR Technology and Talent Management today!

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